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Peter Luther, Author

The Vanity Rooms
the third Honeyman novel

"Your hunger for celebrity is merely a pang of the appetite you will acquire. Your obsession with fame will turn to insanity."

click to enlarge - cover of Dark Covenant by Peter LutherIn Revolutionary Paris a chapter of highly-talented artists railed against a fate that had denied them the recognition they deserved. In a seductive suite of rooms hidden in Cardiff Bay, they re-discovered their ambition.

Now a ruthless game of life and death is being played out through an automated eighteenth-century chess game. The players are Kris, a struggling, self-deluded actor who has inherited an addictive mobile phone with mind-changing apps; Fabrienne, a beautiful but scarred recluse with a violent, secret history; and Honeyman - flawed, damaged, and their only hope for salvation.