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Paul Kinder of the David Bowie Worldwide website reviewsf Dark Covenant (February 2007)


For those who read: Dark Covenant

Just finished reading the brand new book ‘Dark Covenant’ by Peter Luther.

Peter is a Bowie fan from Wales and this is his first ever published tome. That’s obviously how I came to know about it. He kindly sent me a copy the other week.

It’s an absolutely fascinating read … tells the story of Lewis Coin who is next in line for receiving a magazine called The Shilling (which I believe should have been the title of the book but that’s by the by).

Weird and strange things start to happen – there’s a crossword that links each of the chapters – it’s really difficult to explain the concept – it kind of makes sense once you’re reading it.

I couldn’t put it down. The pages turn over by themselves!

The concept is quite unique and original. I guarantee you won’t have come across anything like this before.

It made me laugh, gasp, cry, daydream, ponder … and made my imagination go to places I didn’t think existed – what more could you ask for in a book?

Gripping from page 1.

Paul Kinder

(David Bowie Wonderworld Message Board) 24/2/07






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